Sustainable Staff Engagement

Clinically Sound Solutions Whole Team Approach Staff Ideas Paramount
Designing around patient pathways requires a solid understanding of clinical need and expediency. Our work always involves the staff on the front line and undergoes rigorous clinical review before changes are tested. We prototype joint solutions too, as the shared learning by members of staff adds lasting value beyond the immediate work. Very little in acute healthcare happens without a team. From the patient perspective it is a series of encounters through the journey back to health, only a few of which involve senior clinicians. Our work features techniques that engage the entire team so all are truly engaged in the change, support it and want to make it a success. In our efforts to implement new techniques, systems and care models we adopt the best solutions we can find. It is unreasonable to assume that these can be implemented perfectly first time and on occasion the implementation causes problems around or related to the area affected. It is here that the very best ideas come from font line staff. Our methods listen to, evaluate, build on and support staff ideas, resulting in much higher staff engagement.

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